Planning the Perfect Date Night: at Home!

24January 2021

With the repercussions of an ongoing pandemic in mind, it may seem easier to cancel dating altogether for now. Severe restrictions on activities that you can participate in, plus restaurant restrictions and curfews certainly impact how you can conduct dating in the present climate. Our suggestion: plan a date night at home.

Maybe you are an established couple living together who have given up ‘date night’ due to the pandemic, our advice holds for you as well. Now is not the time to allow the world’s circumstances to keep you from going on dates. Finding ways to stay close despite the pandemic is vitally important. Here are some of our quarantine date ideas and tips to make your planning a little easier.

Let’s Dine-In

Your local restaurants are struggling, thanks to quarantine rules and safety precautions that are necessary to keep patrons safe. Many restaurants are relying on take-out to keep the doors open, so why not give them a hand? And with the ongoing pandemic, many restaurants are offering specials to entice patrons to order take out dinner. Some restaurant deals may even enable you to pick up dinner at a restaurant that you normally wouldn’t visit except on special occasions.

Tips for Making Dinner at Home Special

One of the first things to do is decide on the tone: casual or dress up. If you want a cozy casual dinner, you may want to slip into your pajamas and then cuddle up on the couch while you enjoy your special meal together. Or go with a more formal dinner plan. Outfit your dinner table with cloth napkins, good china, and candlelight. In either case, turn the overhead lights down low and use some strategic candles to create an intimate ambiance. This is a date, after all!

Now take a look around the room where you are planning to eat dinner. This is time for just the two of you, so be sure to eliminate distractions before they occur. If you are eating in the kitchen or dining room, turn off the television set and turn on some quiet background music. Take your time enjoying your dinner and conversation.

Dinner and a Movie

If you want to extend the date for the entire evening, then you may want to do dinner and a movie. Pick up a movie along with your dinner and make plans to enjoy watching a flick together. Some streaming services are running current movies as well, so you can find the perfect movie to spark some conversation afterwards.

Tips for Movie Night

If you are watching a movie together, you may opt for movie snacks and treats instead of a full dinner. Some restaurants offer special movie night snack packs, or you can create your own. Popcorn is a typical go-to movie snack, but since you are the one creating the snacks, why not make it really special? How about a charcuterie board? Homemade pizza? You could even prep your movie snacks together as a way to spend more time enjoying each other’s company.

You can be creative and find snacks that fit the type of movie you are watching. For example, if you are watching a British movie, you may consider pub food like pretzels and beer cheese. Watching the Godfather series? Pick up dinner from an Italian restaurant! Another way to get creative: make your own movie trays to make holding your movie snacks more authentic.

Setting the Mood for a Flick

When it’s time to start the movie, be sure to turn off all the lights so you can enjoy your movie experience more. Like you would in a brick-and-mortar movie theater, turn off those cellular devices to eliminate any outside distractions. Grab a comfortable blanket to snuggle under together, and make sure your beverage of choice is within reach. Now it’s time to hit ‘Play’!

Who’s Up for Game Night?

Hopefully, you are now thinking of ways to work in a date night weekly. Another great way to spend the evening is playing board games. There are so many wonderful games out there that are perfect for couples, so do a little research as to the latest trends in games, because you may want to pick up a new game to learn. Of course, simple board games, cards, or even puzzles are always fun.

Determine the best place to play games, whether it is the kitchen table or a blanket on the floor of the living room. Make sure the area is clean and appropriate for the games you have chosen. Think about seating; you may be playing a couple of hours, so you want to make sure you both are comfortable. Game drinks and snacks are a must, so take the time to plan out your food ahead of time so you have plenty to nosh on while you are playing. Turn on some music in the background. You will need to leave the lights up to play, but you can still burn some candles to spark that romantic mood.

Dessert, Anyone?

There are other ways you can enjoy some quality time together while you enjoy your date night at home. Perhaps there is a meteor shower occurring this week; grab a blanket and head outside with a cup of cocoa. Plan to binge one of your favorite television shows; sometimes a tv show that is your go-to favorite is a great way to relax. Just remember: since it is a date, be intentional. Plan your date ahead of time and figure out some ways to make your time together special. One way to do this while keeping it simple is to pick up a special dessert for two from your favorite restaurant.


We hope our quarantine date ideas are useful in sparking some ideas for a special date night in the comfort of your own home.

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